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Welcome to my blog. If you are ready to be empowered to take your life to the next level, then you are in the right place!

The PURPOSE of Living A Bright Life Now is to be a source where you can find inspiration and motivation. While, guiding you in consciously creating and unlocking the FREEDOM you deserve in your life!

The FOCUS of Living A Bright Life Now is to empower you to live an extraordinary life STRESS and ANXIETY FREE!

This is a site that was built for YOU the reader in mind. Are you an individual who wants more out of life? Who wants to fulfill their optimal potential? And, who doesn’t want to settle for a life filled with regret? Then, this site is for YOU! Are you willing and ready to embark on an amazing life adventure and take your life to the next level?

If so, it would be honor to be a part of your successful journey! Our desire is for you to be empowered to live life to the fullest and make your dreams become reality. We, at Living A Bright Life Now, are a community of like minded people who believe in inspiring and empowering others.

EMPOWERMENT is a major key in living a successful life!

And, having the right tools are essential for you to become and experience the empowered life. Without a doubt, you can achieve success in any area and live an extraordinary life with happiness!

The goal on this website is to be a guide and serve others beyond myself. While, inspiring and transforming the lives of those who want it. Moreover, to provide insights, tips, and strategies that will help you reach your full and unlimited potential as an individual. And, to help you confront your fears so you can UNLEASH the power within you!

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
– Walt Disney

Furthermore, my goal on this site is to passionately share all the knowledge and resources that I continue to discover. Surely, Knowledge and resources that have made an impact and difference in my quality of life. And, any information that I believe will benefit you as well. Certainly, on this website you will find quality content that is helpful. It will be content such as books, articles, tips, quotes, techniques and strategies. Also, I will share any other content that I feel may be of great assistance to you in overcoming life challenges. At times, I will also recommend paid resources and tools. I believe, these recommended resources will add to your living life to the fullest.

One of the major keys I believe in living an extraordinary life, is to live a life of balance.

I believe there are many areas of life that require life mastery and having balance is extremely important. It would make me very happy if Living A Bright Life Now added to your quality of life. Helping you master any area of your life would be nothing short of amazing. In fact, nothing is impossible! And, that includes achieving your goals and dreams.

This page contains the best information that you will need to get up to speed quickly. So, now you can start making progress toward all your goals and dreams!


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“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
– Oprah Winfrey

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Chris Adkins